EMIKETIC is a team of passionate programmers who fancy real-time and distributed application development. We write here about Meteor, React, modern JavaScript, Elixir, Phoenix and Ruby on Rails.

New EMIKETIC Tunis offices and team

We’ve been working on and dreaming of this for a while. Although EMIKETIC started as a little Ruby on Rails adventure in the small coastal city of Nabeul, Tunisia, we’ve always sought to share our vision that great software can, and sometimes have to, be done outside of major city hubs.

For this reason, EMIKETIC is opening its second office(s) in Tunis!

Nabeul is an amazing city. Sun, Mediterranean sea, good food, cheap living and a decent pool of talented techies. I had the chance to grasp this picture not only through my network and friends, but also at events like the Neapolis Web Conference, or the React Meetup we’ve held at Coworky

Yet has come the time where amazing experiences have to become recipes to share.

It’s all about having fun!

Let’s be honest and straight forward. The real reason why we’ve embarked in this journey is fun :) Or more precisely creating an eco-system for our team to be able to go chill and code in Tunis whenever pleases them. As many of you know, EMIKETIC is pre-dominantly female agency. And girls don’t joke with shopping in Tunis ;)

Besides, there are 3 new members who joined the EMIKETIC adventure on a remote basis in Tunis. As this figure is expected to grow, it became clear that an office – or a platform – would be the next move. Likewise, the Nabeul office as a code-retreat halt for the Tunis team.

For serious fun, location is key. This is why we chose the Jasmine Hall co-working space. A quite haven, with an alternative mood and decoration bringing Tunisian art and heritage to the digital nomad world. Plus we share the same flagship colors :)

Jasmine Hall

For more formal business meetings and non-production work sessions, we also did setup a shared office on Avenue Hedi Karray, two blocks away from Jasmine Hall.

Growing but slowly and wisely

It took us sometime before deciding to move out of our comfort zone. After all, EMIKETIC has always been about executing projects right, with a few things done right. For this reason, every step towards today was taken cautiously. And we’ve placed cultural-fitting above all before inviting the right people to join the- team.

That being said, I am really confident about the future of the agency, should it be in Tunis or elsewhere. For as long as culture and DNA are in the mix, there’s no reason others won’t embrace it.

Agency and software ubiquity

On the technology and process level, we go by the French adage of you don’t swap a winning team (on ne change pas une équipe qui gagne).

Ruby on Rails has proven to be immensely powerful for mitigating project management risks, while bringing the right conventions, tools and standards out of the box. Meteor is a bit of a Rails for an ever mutating JavaScript universe :)

React is becoming more than a library, and even an industry we’re determined to embrace further.

Join the adventure!

Interested in joining the cruise? The boat party is just about to start! Feel free checking new job openings coming on Jobi or via our website.