EMIKETIC is a team of passionate programmers who fancy real-time and distributed application development. We write here about Meteor, React, modern JavaScript, Elixir, Phoenix and Ruby on Rails.

Wheritics: From agency to product startup life

When EMIKETIC was first started in 2014, all we knew is that we loved Ruby on Rails. We wished to bring its agility and clarity to small and medium businesses. Which came true to a certain extent. Then we were introduced to the magic of modern JavaScript and the real-time capabilities it was offering. Falling in love with Meteor and React was utter fate and an ineluctable pleasant choice :)

Early on, following the almighty principles of the lean mindset, we made the decision to stick to a reduced set of technologies, namely those 2 stacks. Which brought us to focus more on the know-how than the how. What followed could only make us proud. In less than two years, EMIKETIC had become an agency with a proven expertise in delivering real solutions to real world problems in real time. As an agency, this was our long sought-after DNA and will always be.


In October 2015, we started working on a prototype for a friend who had a problem in mind to solve. The prototype in question involved the usage of a technology that was new to us: iBeacons, also known as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon devices.

This prototype quickly became a structured idea, a platform, then a business opportunity and eventually a startup: Wheritics.

The idea is simple: How can we locate occupants in a building in case of an emergency and for their safety? How can we do the same for valuable assets? How can we scale the solution to a large number of buildings 24/7? It all made sense to us because we were already a team of real-time enthusiasts, fancying architectural challenges yet in love with simple and minimalist design patterns. Carpe Diem!

Nonetheless, if you’re still curious in regards with the solution of the problem mentioned above, visit our website or even better, come hear us pitching! :)

Welcome to startup land!

With Wheritics we learnt so much in such a short amount of time. We were literally thrown in the realm of an unclear proximity IoT eco-system (and we’re being nice here by narrowing this madness down only to the “proximity” category). We learnt that while funding was still baking in the oven, you need to balance your revenue streams wisely. We learnt what the true measure of risk and uncertainty actually meant at our scale.

But we also discovered new significances for the words fun, team work and appetite for innovation. Things went so fast and the project got under the spotlights in different countries. We already secured an influential early-adopter. We even made it to the finalists list for the BloomMasters contest, finalists in Seedstars Tunisia and were selected to exhibit at Vivatechnology. Always while having more and more fun!

The future of EMIKETIC and Wheritics

So today, we’re happy to officially announce that Wheritics and EMIKETIC are one and a same team. While working on 2 different businesses, the culture is and will hopefully always be the same.

At EMIKETIC, we will continue to work with a small group of clients, whose concerns we really understand and whom we perceive more as partners and friends rather than customers :) In fact, most of our clients so far, have been either software companies or innovative startups. It’s all about being tuned on the same page.

As for Wheritics, there are a good number of positions that well be opened gradually this year for those who are curious or wish to join. Among which this one that is already online. Future positions will be as challenging and diverse. From DevOps, to JavaScript and Elixir.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new adventure with us! If you have any questions, consider to join either part of the teams, or simply want to express us you support please drop us a message via our website or social media accounts.